Assignment Resignation & Notice Requirements

What if I am on an assignment and I decide it is not for me?

  • Immediately contact your J. Kent Staffing to let them know the reason(s) that you do not wish to continue on the assignment.
  • You are required to give sufficient notice so that J. Kent can find a qualified replacement to complete the assignment.

If I resign from my assignment prior to the scheduled end date, how much notice do I need to give J. Kent Staffing?

  • Long Term Assignments, which are one (1) week or more, require five (5) days’ notice. Assignments in length of 1 week or more will require more “Refill” time by J. Kent Staffing in order to find a qualified J. Kent Employee to meet the needs of the assignment.
  • Short Term Assignments, less than one (1) week, require 2 days’ notice.
  • We realize that not every job is a good fit for everyone, therefore, we will attempt to “Refill the Assignment” and re-hire a qualified J. Kent Employee as quickly as possible.
  • Your communication is critical and your help and support is appreciated in order to allow for a smooth and quick transition.

What happens if I do not give sufficient or reasonable notice?

  • If the notice requirement policy is not followed by the J. Kent Employee, the violation of that policy is documented in your personnel file.

What if I am not interested in a certain Temporary assignment; is it all right to turn it down?

  • Not every job presented to you may meet your requirements or preferences. If you are not interested in an assignment offered, you are free to decline that employment opportunity.
  • We will continue to offer related temporary employment opportunities based on your background, skills and preferences.

How can I stay informed about available temp assignments?

  • A J. Kent Recruiter will contact you if we have a possible employment opportunity based on your background, skills and preferences.
  • You may also visit “Featured Jobs” on J. Kent’s website where we showcase selected Temporary assignments from time to time.