Your Safety & Mitigating Risk While on Assignment

What if I incur a work related injury or illness?

  • It is your responsibility to report work related injuries or illness immediately.

What if my on the job injury is life-or limb-threatening?

  • Immediately call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room and seek medical attention
  • Report your injury if possible, or immediately have someone contact your J. Kent Staffing Staffing Manager to report the injury.

What if my injury is not life-or-limb-threatening?

  • Report your injury immediately from your assignment to your J. Kent Staffing Manager.

Do I need to report injuries or illness outside of the workplace?

  • Yes, report immediately in case of scheduling adjustments.

Do I need to report workplace hazards?

  • Yes, it is your responsibility to report. J. Kent does not want any of its employees working in a hazardous and unsafe workplace environment.

J. Kent’s Workplace Safety Rules

  • DO NOT perform duties that are different from your initial assignment 
  • DO NOT operate machinery, automotive, or truck equipment. 
  • DO NOT handle cash, negotiable instruments or other valuables. 
  • DO NOT perform a job assignment that causes you undue physical or mental discomfort.

What if my Client Supervisor asks me to perform tasks beyond those assigned to me by my J. Kent Staffing Manager?

  • Immediately contact your J. Kent Staffing Manager at 303-777-7734 and describe what new tasks and responsibilities you have been asked to perform.
  • Your J. Kent Staffing Manager will immediately contact its client for clarification. 
  • Under no circumstances do we want our J. Kent Employees performing work outside their associated worker’s Compensation Classification for insurance purposes.