Other Questions

Never A Fee To The Applicant

No fee will be charged to you by J. Kent in connection with any Employment Opportunity that is offered to or received by you.

Health Assessment

You may be requested to have Medical Tests and to be examined, tested or undergo other health assessments ("Health Assessment") by a health care provider selected by J. Kent to determine your present and continuing qualifications to safely and competently perform the responsibilities for any Assignment that you may be conditionally offered or receive.

Medical Information

J. Kent may request copies of all medical and other information in connection with (i) any Health Assessment, (ii) any Medical Test, (iii) any illness, injury or accident which may be related to any Assignment that you receive or your J. Kent Employment, and (iv) any evaluations by J. Kent of your ability to safely and competently perform the responsibilities of any Assignment with or without accommodation.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

No employee may be impaired by any illegal drug or alcohol or prescription drug while in the workplace. If J. Kent believes this policy has been violated, J. Kent:
  • reserves the right to request that you to submit to a blood, breath, urine or other medical test.
  • will pay the cost of any medical test, including the reasonable cost of transportation to and from the designated testing facility. 

Drug tests may be conducted in any of the following situations:

  • Pre-Employment
    Employees are required to pass a pre-employment drug test.  J. Kent will not employ anyone who fails or refuses to take the screening test.
  • Reasonable Suspicion/Probable Cause
    J. Kent may test an employee when there is a reasonable suspicion, as evidenced by physical behaviors or unusual work patterns, that they may be impaired by drugs or alcohol at work or that drug or alcohol use is affecting job performance and/or conduct in the workplace.

Further, you may not use, possess, distribute or sell alcohol or any illegal drug while on J. Kent's premises or while on an Assignment. A drug will be considered an "illegal drug" if its use is prohibited or restricted by law and you improperly use, possess (including, but not limited to theft), distribute or sell the drug, regardless of whether or not it is determined that you also used the drug, whether or not such conduct constitutes an illegal act and whether or not you are criminally prosecuted or convicted for such conduct.

If you are taking any drug or medication, whether or not prescribed by a physician for a medical condition that may impair your judgment, coordination, other senses or your ability to safely or efficiently perform any of the responsibilities of your Assignment, you must notify your J. Kent Staffing Manager prior to beginning your Work Hours on an Assignment.

Drug and alcohol use is highly detrimental to the
safety and productivity of employees in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment

J. Kent prohibits any employee, Client (including any agent or employee of a Client), vendor or any other person of making sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is unwelcome and that has the purpose or effect of (i) unreasonably interfering with your work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; or (ii) when submission to such conduct is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a condition of J. Kent Employment or an Assignment or is used for the basis of any employment decision including but not limited to any Assignment or any term or condition of any Assignment ("Unwelcome Sexual Advance").

You have an important responsibility in the effective implementation of this policy, including the prevention of an Unwelcome Sexual Advance from occurring as a J. Kent Employee. This responsibility is to report any Unwelcome Sexual Advance immediately at the time it occurs, in writing, to the President of J. Kent and not discuss it with any other J. Kent Employees. You must not assume that J. Kent knows about any Unwelcome Sexual Advance until it is reported, in writing, to the President of J. Kent, regardless of what you may have been told by any other person and regardless of any information that employees otherwise may have received from any person. If an Unwelcome Sexual Advance occurs, the only thing you may assume and rely upon is that no employee, staff member, Client (including any agent or employee of a Client), vendor or any other person has the authority or approval of J. Kent to engage in an Unwelcome Sexual Advance.

Upon receipt of written information about an Unwelcome Sexual Advance, an investigation will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken based upon the information received about the Unwelcome Sexual Advance.

If any J. Kent Employee believes that the response of J. Kent to a report of an Unwelcome Sexual Advance proves insufficient to remedy the situation, either at the time that the action is first taken or at any future time, or is insufficient to prevent other Unwelcome Sexual Advances from occurring in the future, he/she must report this immediately, in writing, to the President of J. Kent.

Severance Pay

You are not entitled to severance pay upon your voluntary or involuntary termination of your J. Kent Employment.

Wages Upon Termination

At the time that you, the Client, or J. Kent elects, in your/its respective discretion to terminate an Assignment or your J. Kent Employment, J. Kent's obligation to you is solely to pay the wages which you have earned and are unpaid as of that date, if any, less any deductions permitted by law.

Request For Employment Information

J. Kent is not able to respond to your, or any other parties', requests for information about your work history with J. Kent. This is because the nature of your work as a Temporary, Temp-to-Perm or a Temp-to-Hire Employee does not provide you with a fixed hire or termination date or fixed Pay Rate. Nor does it allow J. Kent to observe your actual job performance. For this reason, you are responsible for keeping your own records of when you worked (particularly if it was for a sufficient time for the Client to become familiar with your job performance) as well as W-2 forms, paycheck stubs and timesheets as documentation of your work history. This policy will be applicable regardless of the reason the information is requested including requests from prospective employers, loan officers of banks, attorneys and all other requests for information from third parties unless the request is accompanied by a court order or subpoena or as otherwise may be necessary for J. Kent's compliance with any federal or state law.