Alternate Titles:  Under-Butler, Male Housekeeper, Housekeeper, Household Manager, HM, Butler

A houseman is a man employed for cleaning, maintenance and other general work outside and inside the home in order to keep the home and property presentable and running smoothly.

A Houseman – Skilled Between the Butler & Housekeeper

Specific duties and skills may vary depending on the size of the home and the level of experience of the Houseman. A Houseman, in some parts of the world still referred to as the “under-butler or male housekeeper”, is responsible for the heavier housework in a more formal household.  In the 21st Century, more and more households that are less formal and complex are requesting the skilled Houseman to do the heavy and light cleaning, cooking, laundry and possibly some driving.

Houseman’s Range of Responsibilities

  • Cleaning - heavy interior and exterior
  • Perform household repairs and assist the housekeepers if needed
  • Maintain household cleaning supplies
  • Drive and chauffer, take care of trash and recycling inside and outside household
  • Automobile care and maintenance
  • Gardening, serving for events and parties, care of pets
  • Oversee operations of all HVAC and other mechanical equipment to ensure working order
  • Run errands


  • Salary for a Houseman is based on the amount of experience, duties and hours included in the job description 
  • Full-time (40 hours/week) Houseman is broadly compensated from a low of $35,000 ($16.83/hour) to $55,000 ($26.44/hour), and more, plus benefits. 
  • Part-time salaries range from $17 to $25/hour