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Administrative Assistant, Denver, CO

3.5 years' experience collaborating in a team, providing customer service, managing schedules, and developing marketing materials

Candidate Profile

Pennsylvania native recently relocated to Denver, CO and is seeking a role as an Administrative Assistant in the area for a change of pace from the classroom environment to an office space. Graduated with a BS in Business Management and a Masters in Education. 3.5 years’ experience in roles ranging from Teaching Assistant in elementary schools to Office Manager at a gym. Works well with children and adults. Wants to move back to an office environment and work with adults full time again. Experience managing employee and faculty schedules, deescalating crisis situations, designing and producing functional and appealing websites, developing marketing materials, working well in a team with fellow employees, and assuming total classroom responsibilities. Great attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines. Excellent computer skills, including advanced MS Office skills (90% Word, 90% Excel, 93% Outlook).

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