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Shipping & Receiving Manager, Denver, CO

10 years' experience recording shipment data, coordinating all shipping of goods, and supervised training for all new employees

Candidate Profile

Dedicated and devoted candidate seeks new role as Shipping & Receiving Manager in the Denver are to further his career in the Warehouse industry. Graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Psychology and an Associate’s degree in Business Accounting. Skilled in UPS Worldship, FedEx Online, MS Office, and Quicken Accounting softwares. 10 years’ experience in roles ranging from Forklift Driver to Shipping and Receiving Clerk. 6 years’ direct experience in a management role, as Assistant Shipping and Receiving Manager. Experience recording all shipment data for accounting purposes, receiving and handling public inquiries, managing and supervising all phases of training for new employees, determining the best shipping method for materials, including what routes to use, and relocating inventory from storage and production areas.

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