New Assignments

Who is the Employer when I accept a temporary assignment?
All employees working on Temporary or Temp-to-Hire assignments are J. Kent Staffing, W-2 employees. J. Kent Staffing is the employer and manages the employer / employee relationship to include hiring, terminations, performance reviews, unemployment hearings, workers compensation administration etc. J. Kent pays:

  • Your hourly pay rate
  • Employer’s share of FICA (Social Security & Medicare)
  • Federal & state unemployment taxes
  • Workers’ compensation

Who do I report to at J. Kent Staffing?

  • Your direct supervisor while on assignment is a J. Kent Staffing Manager to whom you directly report.
  • The Staffing Manager that hired you is responsible for the management of the employment relationship while you are on the assignment.

Who do I report to at the J. Kent’s Client’s office?
See “Who gives me the details of each assignment?” below.

Who gives me the details of each assignment?
Your J. Kent Staffing Manager will verbally give you details for each new assignment that you accept. Details will include:

  • The assignment pay rate, work schedule, and length of assignment
  • Company name, address, and phone numbers of key client representatives
  • Company Overview
  • Assignment work schedule
  • Assignment Essential Functions, Duties & Responsibilities (EFDR) overview
  • Client name to “Report to” and client “on-site supervisor name” if different
  • Client representative's name that is authorized to sign your Timesheet
  • Other details such as parking instructions, dress code, security requirements, etc.

Am I required to place an “Arrival Call” to J. Kent when I report to the assignment?

  • Yes, you are required to place an “Arrival Call” on the 1st day of each new assignment
  • You are required to call your J. Kent Staffing Manager at 303-777-7734 to report that you have arrived at the assignment.
  • You are required to place your “Arrival Call” as soon as you arrive, but no later than 15 minutes after arrival.
  • Your Arrival Call is documented in your personnel file.