The J. Kent Process

We spot trends. We listen. We give strategic advice. We passionately follow through.

Our consultative approach is based upon our thorough understanding of your organization, key management team and its strategic hiring goals. We have learned that it’s the upfront assessment and development time that is the key to the right match for your organization. We know how to research, identify and recruit individuals who will succeed and make a day-to-day sustainable difference for your company.

We believe it is important to meet your company’s Hiring Team and Decision Makers, therefore an on-site visit to your office is most beneficial after Step 1 is completed and before we begin Step 2. Here is a brief overview of The J. Kent Process:

Step One

Defining Your Company, Search Efforts to Date, Hiring Process and Job Description
  • Review company history, culture, brand and identity, and workplace expectations
  • Identify key professional staff involved in the hire
  • Discuss your company’s previous search strategies for this position
  • Define your company’s Hiring Process
  • Develop the Job Description

Step Two

Create a Search Plan, Test Market, Begin Searching & Recruiting
  • Create a search plan and hiring timetable
  • Research and test candidate market
  • Search, identify, and recruit candidates

Step Three

Evaluate Recruited Candidates & Present to Client 
  • Pre-Screen - Interview and Testing
  • Interview – In Person and In-Depth
  • Identify and present final candidate slate
  • Schedule and confirm interview times
  • Conduct Employment Reference and Background Checks (at client’s direction)

Step Four

Feedback, Job Offer, Negotiations, Counter Offers, Acceptance 
  • Debrief candidate and employer feedback following 1st interview,
  • Schedule further interviews as needed
  • Extend job offer to candidate on employer’s behalf
  • Negotiate Counter Offer(s) - assist the client with final negotiations
  • Confirm job acceptance and with employer and candidate
  • Review and manage Offer Contingencies (for example, successful outcome of background or credit checks)

Step Five

Managing the transition to hire
  • Follow up with employers and placed candidate prior to hire
  • Maintain consistent contact to ensure a successful transition and long-term relationship

The J. Kent Process
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