Finance Manager Staffing Denver

Finance Managers look for opportunities to expand a company and enhance its finances.  Finance Managers recognize opportunities through analyzing product lines, company and departmental budgets, and investment possibilities.  They supervise and participate in preparing all financial statements and reports, and they are in charge of maintaining all accounting records, ledgers, revenues, operating expenses, and insurance records.  Finance Managers also prepare cost analysis and rate studies, and prepare the estimates of these for future costs and revenues.  They handle internal audits, as well as new accounting, timekeeping, payroll, inventory, property, and related procedures and controls for the company.
Finance Managers must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration or Accounting; however, a Master’s degree is preferred.  Finance Managers need solid leadership and problem-solving skills, and must be proficient in MS Office Suite and other finance-related software.  Finance Managers are required to have 4-10 years of related experience.