Why is J. Kent Best Suited to Meet Your Needs?

Our Experience

  • Since 1979, we have deepened our staffing experience in a variety of disciplines and competencies, across multiple industries, practices and sectors.
  • We are an independent, local, Denver-based employment agency with strong community roots and commitments.
  • We have experience managing large temporary contracts and complex staffing projects that make available good jobs with top tier Denver companies.
  • We have experience in managing, and have completed, thousands of Direct Hire and Retained Executive Searches.
  • We have hired and provided jobs for thousands of professionals seeking Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Part Time Professional employment opportunities with high paying jobs on interesting, challenging assignments.

Our Staff – Denver Job Market Specialists, Training & Development

  • J. Kent has a stable, talented, and seasoned staff that fully understands the best practices of staffing and recruiting, its strategies, policies and procedures. Our Recruiters have been instrumental in providing exceptional career opportunities to our J. Kent Candidates and J. Kent Temporary Employees, many of whom have partnered with us for 3 decades as their careers have progressed, either as employees or hiring authorities.
  • Our Recruiters and Staffing Managers have a solid understanding of the current job market, what it takes to get the job, and to get the job done. Job market dynamics are complex; they understand changing economies and what it takes to get hired.
  • J. Kent Staffing invests in its Recruiters and Staffing Managers by providing on-going training, development and certification. The continuing education credits are audited by the American Staffing Association (ASA). Our staff is a great resource to our Candidates and J. Kent Employees when questions arise about staffing and employment

Our Candidate Philosophy

J. Kent recognizes that every person requires something different in their career - meaning, excitement, flexibility, importance or reward. Whether you’re a motivated professional looking for that next career progression, a recent college graduate entering the business world or a retiree searching for flexibility offered by temporary or part-time work, J. Kent can assist you in finding a position that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Our Inclusive Candidate Pool

We continually invest in and refresh our large, inclusive Candidate Pool. At J. Kent, we work hard to bring forward candidates of exceptional qualifications and abilities from all backgrounds. We strongly believe that an organization achieves excellence when its workplace embraces all individuals.