Intern Program Staffing

Alleviate the administrative and payroll management responsibility associated with your company’s Intern or Co-Operative Education Program (Co-Op). Denver employers offering cooperative education programs that allow students to combine academic study with work experience in their field of study are grooming our future workforce. If your company is offering full-time (summer) or part-time (during the school year) paid internships to university students or post graduate adults, let us help you direct your attention to teaching, coaching, and mentoring Denver’s future workforce, business leaders and potential employees.

Reduce the Paperwork & Administrative Time

J. Kent’s program is customizable and flexible. Whether you have an Intern Program developed, or you’re looking to start one, J. Kent Staffing offers a single, centralized point of contact that manages, coordinates and documents your Intern’s schedules, reassignments, performance and attendance.

What are the Benefits of Intern Program Staffing?

Cost Benefits
  • Control of salary and benefit costs
  • Pay only for the hours worked that you have approved on J. Kent’s Timesheet
  • Add to staff without violating FTE hiring freeze
  • No interview time necessary
  • Deduct Temporary Intern staffing costs as a business expense
Strategic Benefits
  • Performance reviews – honest and direct Intern feedback to help your program develop
  • Employee orientation
  • General record keeping and providing customized, flexible reports as required
  • Performance guarantee
  • No independent contractor issues or concerns
  • Reducing overtime
  • Improving process and increasing productivity
  • Decreasing workers’ compensation and other insurance costs
Payroll Administration & Tax Reporting Benefits
Our payroll administration is deadline driven; our tax reporting is on time. J. Kent’s payroll is weekly. As the employer, J. Kent always:
  • Pays FICA ( Federal Taxes - Social Security and Medicare)
  • Pays FUTA ( Federal Taxes - Unemployment insurance)
  • Pays SUTA (State Taxes - Unemployment insurance)
  • Pays workers’ compensation insurance
  • Pays payroll administration costs
  • Completes tax and IRS reporting
  • Issues annual W2
  • Submits new hire report to State of Colorado
  • Manages unemployment hearings
  • Processes worker’s compensation claims

J. Kent’s Intern Candidate Pool

J. Kent is uniquely positioned to find your Interns in accounting, finance, information technology, sciences, engineering, marketing, communications, or in any of our Expertise areas. For more information call us at 303-777-7734 or e-mail us at

Intern Staffing
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