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A “Must Read” – 50 Commonly Misused Words in Business Writing

Posted by: Karen Booher on August 15th, 2023

As we all know, email is one of the most common forms of business communication. We may sound like we’re speaking correctly, but when it comes to putting our words down in writing, we don’t always get it right.

I recently stumbled upon a very useful article from ResourcefulManager that highlighted some of the most “misused & abused” words in business writing. A great read not only for those of us in the business world, but also for young adults navigating through high school or college.

So, let’s step up our game and come across more professionally (and educated) in our written communications with this handy reference guide.

First – Let’s Have Some Fun With Some Phrases Often Misused

In each of the following examples, which of the two choices is the correct phrase?

50 Commonly Misused Words

accept vs. except

acute vs. chronic

adverse vs. averse

affect vs. effect

allusion vs. illusion

all right vs. alright

apprise vs. appraise

assure vs. ensure vs. insure

beside vs. besides

compliment vs. complement

continual vs. continuous

disburse vs. disperse

farther vs. further

fewer vs. less

imply vs. infer

its vs. it’s

lose vs. loose

of vs. have

principal vs. principle

regardless vs. irregardless

than vs. then

their vs. there vs. they’re

whose vs. who’s

your vs. you’re

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