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A Time To Be Grateful

Posted by: Emma Berdanier on April 22nd, 2020

When our last J. Kent Report for Employers was sent on Mar. 25, 2020, we were in the beginning stages of what is now being referred to as the “new normal”. It has been just over a month since our office, and many others, have shifted completely to working remotely. It has been a major adjustment for everyone and not one that we are particularly fond of. As Recruiters, we are social beings and thrive off of the presence and energy of others. But we will be back!

In regular Zoom meetings with our staff, it’s evident that the situation is weighing on everyone. We are fortunate to be able to maintain our internal staff, and thankfully many of our temporary employees. But our heart goes out to our other employees whose assignments were ended sooner than expected, put on hold, or furloughed. We understand the economic toll this is taking on so many companies, families, and individuals.

J. Kent Staffing supports all industries, including healthcare. We have tremendous gratitude and admiration for the many nurses, doctors, emergency and first responders, and many others on the “front line”. While we are safely at home, we are always thinking of those out in harm’s way working for our community during this time.

There are so many other companies, and their employees, providing essential services that also have our recognition and sincere thanks. Many of these companies are J. Kent’s clients. We are grateful for all of you who have treated our temporary employees as your own, and for those who have been able to make arrangements so that our staff can continue to work during this crisis.

With our upcoming transition from Stay-At-Home to Safer-At-Home, we will slowly start to get back to some of the things that we used to take for granted. And, as your businesses start to flourish again – as they will – we are grateful to be here for you when you need us.

Wishing you, your families, and your employees good health.

J. Kent Staffing

(Pictured from left to right:  Barb, Kara, Colleen, Emma, Karen, and Lauren)