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Administrative Assistant, Denver, CO

3.5 years' experience managing employee training, scheduling and communicating with 100+ patients, and providing customer service

Candidate Profile

Ambitious candidate and Coloradan since age of 14 is seeking new role as Administrative Assistant in the Denver area. In pursuit of BA in English with an Emphasis in Literature at the University of Colorado, Denver. 3.5 years’ experience in roles ranging from Case Coordinator to Backroom Coordinator. Experience working in both the healthcare industry and the retail industry. Diversified skillset covering administrative support, client relations, writing, account management, and scheduling and project management. Experience overseeing the processing, receiving and shelving of all merchandise, managing employees and encouraging them to work more efficiently, leading employee training, communicating with customers and clients, and managing schedules for clients. Excellent MS Office skills, with 87% Word, 87% Excel, 83% PowerPoint, and 93% Outlook.

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