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Commercial Property Manager, Denver, CO

With a previous career in the mortgage industry, has spent past 8 years with property mgmt and real estate development firm in WA

Candidate Profile

This J. Kent Candidate has been successful at whatever career has been in front of her and has had excellent tenure in all positions/companies. Started in sales support and purchasing for a consumer electronics distributor before getting into the mortgage industry in the early 2000’s, working her way up to Loan Officer. With a move to Washington State, landed at a commercial brokerage and 3rd party property management firm for a diverse portfolio of commercial properties consisting of office, retail, and the retail component of mixed-use properties. Responsibilities included overseeing capital improvements, vendor management, overseeing operations budgets, tenant and owner interface, property inspections, tenant management including rent collections, accounts payable, lease renewals, and on-call emergency response. Great customer service skills with a strong management perspective!

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