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Executive Assistant, Denver, Colorado

30 years' experience supporting C-level executives, board members in every capacity; completes tasks with precision, enthusiasm

Candidate Profile

With three decades of experience supporting executives in different departments throughout Colorado, this valuable J. Kent candidate has proven to be dependable, well-respected & highly skilled in all aspects of job. Currently working for a leader in the industrial real estate industry, has planned over 50 board meetings, 50 executive events, 30 office events during 12 year tenure. Recognized as the lead Executive Assistant, is often looked to be the lead event planner & is expected to provide detail-oriented support to the many executives in the company. Loves every aspect of the job ā€“ provides training to new employees, coordinates office renovations, plans companywide volunteer initiatives ā€“ there is never a dull moment! Wanting to keep the role as Executive Assistant, is looking for a new role to expand horizons, learn about new industries.

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