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HR Manager, Denver, Colorado

Dynamic, people-driven professional with over 15 years' experience developing & implementing business policies, procedures - SHRM

Candidate Profile

Professional and polished J Kent Candidate bring years of HR experience to the table, and loves every aspect of helping both individuals and organizations become stronger through better policies and building relationships in the workplace. Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, moved to Denver to marry the love of her life ā€“ bringing with her a unique and cultured perspective to the workplace. Has worked way up in roles, starting as a Training Manager and HR Generalist to gain multiple years of experience that would later kickstart career as a successful HR Manager. Gaining respect from employees and management alike, has an incomparable work ethic, earning multiple certifications and learning the most up to date programs ā€“ Paycom, Ceridian, Tress, Via One, KRONOS.

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