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Operations Manager, Denver, Colorado

Forward thinking, engaging candidate; 8 years' experience overseeing multiple departments of company - sales, HR, marketing, admin

Candidate Profile

After completing degree from the Univ of Pittsburgh, graduating with honors and a full-ride scholarship, this J. Kent candidate received a job at Disney World, spending the next 2+ years organizing, coordinating special events/summer programs. From leading backstage tours, creating lesson plans & more, gained valuable experience that transferred to a professional office position upon moving to Boston. Working for an innovative economics indicator company over the last 8 years, has developed to an operations guru. Oversees A – Z for the company, anywhere from complicated travel schedules to having both hands in the companies’ website redesign. New to Denver, is now looking for a new opportunity in an office environment. No matter the job – big or small – this “worker bee” can be your next employee!

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