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PC Support Technician / Help Desk

Extremely tech savvy candidate with 10+ years' experience is seeking a support technician/help desk position in Denver!

Candidate Profile

The combination of 10+ years of tech experience and his great personality makes this J. Kent candidate the ideal help desk specialist. This IT guru worked as a network operations technician where he provided customer support for network and server issues through a ticketing system. He has also worked at Best Buy as a computer repair technician working through viruses and fixing computers. In his spare time, he is very involved with web developing through his own freelance work. This candidate has a great gift of being able to explain the complexities of technology in more familiar terms for the average person.  Not only is he a great IT help desk specialist, but he also has a lot of experience in e-marketing by sending out email blasts and examining the email and website statistics. This is a very experienced, qualified candidate and would be a huge asset to a company in need of a help desk specialist.

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