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Personal Assistant, Denver, CO

21 years' experience ensuring smooth daily operations, organizing & scheduling events, and managing household staff & vendors

Candidate Profile

Switzerland native who relocated to Colorado 15 years ago seeks new role as Personal Assistant in the Denver area. Graduated from the Hosta Hotel Tourism Management School in Switzerland with a BA in Hotel and Travel Management. Trilingual, speaking English, Italian, and French fluently. 21 years’ experience in roles ranging from Personal Assistant to Manager of a hotel. 18 years’ direct experience working as a Personal Assistant, to both a Chairman and his family, and to a Founder and President of a winery. Loyal candidate who prefers to find the right fit and stick with a role for the long haul, spending the last 15 years with the same family as their Personal Assistant. Experience ensuring smooth daily operations by coordinating everything from the kitchen to the nanny to the maid to every other worker in the house, organizing and scheduling events and travel, managing entire departments and supervising multiple people, and building successful relationships with the rest of the household staff. Experience hiring and firing various staff members to ensure operations ran smoothly. Skilled in MS Office, as well as successful on both a Mac and a PC.

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