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Systems / Network Administrator, Denver, Colorado

Experience IT Specialist with 3+ years' experience providing support, training & troubleshooting - while continuing own education

Candidate Profile

While continuing education, this candidate has spent the last 3 years providing remote, on-call support to companies – from banks, government entities and more – in the Denver area. As the “go to” IT person, responsibilities have ranged from deploying new systems, providing technical support, training & troubleshooting when necessary. Working for different companies in multiple industries has proven to be challenging (in a good way!) – needing to keep IT skills sharp while providing prompt communication, support to employees in a timely manner. While loving the challenge of the last few years, is now looking to hone skills to one full time job with a large, team oriented Denver company. Are you looking for a friendly, knowledgeable team member? Look no further!

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