Administrative Assistant – Real Estate

Administrative Assistant - Real Estate

Job Overview

Real Estate Administrative Assistants have mixed responsibilities which relate to both general office administration and assistance in the management of properties on behalf of owners.  They are responsible for scheduling and organizing personal marketing advertising, including creating marketing materials, monitoring production, billing and shipping dates, and following up on marketing.  They also locate vendors to produce and distribute marketing materials and request prices from them.  Real Estate Administrative Assistants enter all new contact information gained from email requests, open house guest books, and other sources, and update information as necessary in the database.

Real Estate Administrative Assistants also develop a prospects list and analyze market demographics to look for new niches.  They create warm call lists for follow-up, and return all prospect calls.  They also provide listing support, reviewing and proofreading all listings, as well as updating and providing photos.  In addition, Real Estate Administrative Assistants provide general office support, including filing and reception duties.