Data Entry

Data Entry Denver

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: Data Entry Operator, Data Entry Specialist, Data Entry Clerk, Data Capture Specialist, Electronic Data Processors, Fiscal Assistant, Claims Support Specialist, Data Entry Machine Operator, Remote Computer Terminal Operator, Typist, Underwriting Support Specialist, Commission Specialist

Data Entry is entering information into computer spreadsheets, CRM or accounting software etc. Data entry may be numeric, alpha or alpha numeric. Data Entry Specialists process a vast amount of information by compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, tabulating, auditing or verifying information or data that is then “keyed” into specific software. These positions are found in almost every industry and position title may vary depending upon the industry, for example, Medical Data Entry Clerk. Generally companies look for accuracy and speed, however, if research, proofing or auditing is also required for the project then critical thinking and reasoning skills will become necessary in order to perform successfully in this position. Data Entry Specialists range from trainees to experienced professionals who will command a higher salary.

Education, Experience, & Certification

Typical Duties May Include:

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