Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Job Overview

Inventory control clerks maintain inventories of parts, equipment or stock in an establishment. They are employed in offices, factories, warehouses and other organizations throughout the private and public sectors.

Typical duties may involve gathering information and maintaining records on the amount, type and value of the parts, material, equipment or stock on hand. To do so, inventory control clerks may use a filing system or a computerized inventory system. They keep track of changing inventory levels as equipment or stock is issued, transferred within an establishment, or sold to the public. When more equipment or stock is needed, they fill out forms to re-order.

They also prepare and maintain files and reports on inventory balances, prices and shortages. By analyzing office records on sales, purchasing, shipping, production, stock or equipment, inventory control clerks can determine how much stock they should have. They can then compare these figures to direct counts made by other workers. If there is a discrepancy, inventory control clerks need to find out where the mistakes was made. They also may assist in preparing statistical reports.

Many inventory control clerks use computers in their work. They may use scanners that read bar codes on the products, automatically entering information into the computer. They may also use robots that track down and pick up whatever products they order.