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Remote and Hybrid Jobs Attracting 7x More Applicants

Posted by: Lauren Brown on June 20th, 2022

The world is slowly emerging from – or at least getting used to – a 2+ year pandemic that has disrupted almost every facet of our lives. Some people want to quickly return to the way things were, but many are pushing for a post-pandemic “new normal”. But, what does a “new normal” mean for companies and employees?

Over the past 2 years, many employees found they were both more productive and enjoyed working remote – either 100% of the time or on a hybrid schedule. Instead of commuting, they could spend more time with family, enjoying the outdoors, or having more time to do just about anything else than sit in their car for an hour, give or take, each day. In addition, they spent less money on gas and transportation, professional work attire, and eating lunches out.

What are J. Kent Staffing Recruiters Seeing?

Our Recruiters are constantly being asked by applicants if we are hiring for remote or hybrid positions. Job Seekers are looking for more flexibility and many are not willing to go back to a position that requires them to be in the office 100% of the time. We are also representing many job seekers who are looking to make a move from their current employer to a company that offers remote or hybrid work.

CNBC recently reported, “New research from CareerBuilder found that jobs allowing employees to work from home full or part-time saw seven times more applications than in-person…” At J. Kent Staffing, we have seen exactly that.

We recently received 130 applications over the weekend in response to a 100% remote data entry position. At the same time, a bookkeeping position that requires 100% in-office attendance has received minimal traction over the past several months and our client is still looking.

Companies Have Difficult Decisions to Make

According to a recent survey conducted by Nationwide, Linda Stueber, SVP of Commercial Lines said, “With work from home options likely to remain part of the modern work environment, it’s a good time for employers to really think about the kinds of work that can be done in an office and what can be done remotely… Having this clarity and looking for ways to provide flexibility can help business owners attract and retain employees and keep their long-term business plans on track.”

After a tough couple of years, companies are now faced with even tougher decisions. Do they:

What is Your Company Doing?



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