Shipping & Facilities Coordinator, Denver, Colorado

Denver Bioscience Firm Hires Nearly 1/3 of Their Team Through J. Kent Staffing’s Temp-to-Hire Model


Shipping & Facilities Coordinator

Temp-to-Hire staffing is an excellent way for companies to observe someone “on the job” for several months before hiring them on as their employee. Interviews, skills testing, references, and background checks attest for much of the vetting process, but there’s nothing more telling than actually seeing it for yourself.

Our client manufactures and ships scientific products and kits used by medical research facilities located all over the world. For nearly 10 years, J. Kent Staffing has provided temp-to-hire staff for customer service, reception/data entry, assembly/lab technician, inventory, and shipping/facilities roles for this Denver-based organization.

Almost 1/3 of the company’s employees today were hired through J. Kent Staffing’s temp-to-hire model. If things go as planned, Jack will add more to the count! Temp-to-hire has allowed our client to see whether these potential new hires:

Meet Jack – Hired February 2024 by J. Kent Staffing for Shipping/Facilities Coordinator Role

Jack moved to Colorado from Minnesota in 2013 to attend Regis University where he completed a BS in Business Administration. He chose Colorado for the ample opportunity to “play” in the outdoors while getting a degree. After graduating, he began working as a Project Manager/Landscape Foreman for a landscaping company – horticulture is one of Jack’s many outdoor passions. Jack supplemented this seasonal work with warehouse positions in the off-season.

In March 2022, he and a friend started their own landscape/horticulture company but Jack decided to step away from the business after 1.5 years. After doing some travel around the holidays, Jack was ready to settle into a steady, year-round position which led him to the Shipping/Facilities Coordinator temp-to-hire role through J. Kent Staffing which he began in February 2024.

Jack – good luck in your new role and welcome to the J. Kent temp-to-hire team!

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