Denver Recruiters & Denver CEO’s Target Staffing with Retired Workers

Denver Recruiters & Denver CEO’s Target Staffing with Retired Workers


Building Receptionist / Concierge

Baby Boomer – A person who was born between 1946 and 1964, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

After the end of World War II, birth rates across the world spiked. The explosion of new infants became known as the baby boom. During the boom, an estimated 77 million babies were born in the United States alone! The large increase in population produced a substantial rise in demand for consumer goods, stimulating the post-war economy.

10,000 Baby Boomers Retiring Daily—Many Want to Continue to Work, Stay Involved, and Learn

Today 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day dramatically impacting the U.S. workplace. However, not all baby boomers are dreaming of retirement. To the contrary, some want to work indefinitely—they are still healthy and active and have a strong desire to continue working, staying involved, and learn. Boomers still have much to contribute.

Will Corporate America Be Vying For Baby Boomers and Retirees?

Already experienced and mature, Boomers don’t require the same level of recruitment and training, tend to be more loyal and committed to their community and less likely to change jobs. Therefore, as we have found at J. Kent Staffing, retirees are becoming increasingly attractive as more companies realize that, contrary to traditional thinking, they are not more expensive than younger workers.

Retirees and More Mature Worker’s Targeted by Denver Investment Management Firm

J. Kent Staffing recently conducted a search for one of Denver’s top companies seeking a new Building Receptionist / Concierge. The Denver firm’s key executives decided to embark upon a strategic, new hiring direction to fill the position. Having recently lost their Building Receptionist due to resignation to start nursing school, our Client was hoping to find someone who was ‘mature’ in their years; hopefully, a retiree who would bring their wealth of work and life experience to a prominent, real asset investment and management organization.

Stability and strong customer service and people skills were paramount.  However, the new, strategic hiring strategy to target the retiree / mature worker also included the following requirements:

Retired High School Principal Accepts Denver Building Receptionist / Concierge Position 

After an extensive search, J. Kent’s Recruiters identified several qualified candidates through the J. Kent Process. Finally our Denver Recruiters presented three vetted candidates  for interviews to our investment client. It became quickly apparent to both Denver Recruiters and J. Kent’s Client during the first round of interviews that Marsha, a retired Denver Public School Principal, was the best match for the open Denver job. Marsha, with her natural ability to connect and communicate with people through her many years as a school administrator had more requirements than our client was seeking. Recognizing that Marsha was an exceptional talent for their position, a full-time job offer was extended immediately and she began her new job the following week.

Denver Public School Principal with 42 Years of Teaching and Administrative Experience 

A Denver native and Abraham Lincoln H.S graduate, Marsha received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts from University of Northern Colorado before beginning her career with Denver Public Schools (DPS). During her 42-year tenure, she worked as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal. After retiring in 2002 from DPS, Marsha continued working post retirement for five years as an Interim Principal, and then for another five years (2007-2012) as a part-time employee in the HR department. Unfortunately, after a restructuring at DPS in 2012, there were no more part-time opportunities available.

Marsha – Still Has More to Give and Much to Contribute

Baby Boomer Marsha is not ready for 100% retirement—she still has much to contribute. In 42 years, Marsha has completed an impressive and demanding professional career at DPS. Today, she is starting a new job as a Building Receptionist / Concierge, her first job outside the DPS system. Congratulations Marsha—you are exceptional and we are looking forward to hearing about your new adventure in the business world’s private sector.

Marsha and Duke

This is a picture of Marsha and her dog, Duke – a 172 lb. Great Dane.
Marsha takes Duke every week to visit with the residents at a Denver nursing home

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