Denver Staffing Agency – Computer Support Specialist Pursues American Dream

Denver Staffing Agency – Computer Support Specialist Pursues American Dream


Computer Support Specialist

Denver Staffing Managers and Recruiters frequently are hired to find entry-level Computer Support Specialists also known as IT Support Specialists. Because of the wide range of skills required for Denver IT support jobs, there are many paths into the occupation. A bachelor’s degree is required for some computer support specialist positions, but an associate’s degree or post-secondary classes may be enough for others. After being hired, many workers enter a “on the job training” (OJT) program that lasts for three or more months, however, the training may be much longer for more complex jobs.


IT Support Specialist – Position Overview

Computer Support Specialists provide help and give advice to people and organizations using computer software or equipment. Others, called help-desk technicians, assist non-IT users who are having computer problems. Depending upon the organization, these job titles may vary (see Alternate Titles below). Computer Support Specialists may:

Computer Support Entry-Level Specialist – Outlook is Bright for the Skilled, Career-Oriented

Entry-level support specialists often work on simple problems. Over time, they may advance to positions that handle questions on complex software or equipment. Many of these workers advance to other IT positions, such as network and computer systems administrators or software developers. Some become managers in the computer support services department.

Bilingual, IT Support Specialist Sought by Denver Organizational Development Firm

Just recently J. Kent’s Staffing Manager’s completed a search for this type of entry-level talent for a Denver non-profit, specializing in organizational development for public and private community centered organizations.  Although several IT experts were already on staff, the firm was ready to hire a top entry-level, bilingual candidate to add to their dynamic information services team.

Denver Non-Profit Seeking Right Combination of Hard and Soft Skills 

J. Kent’s Staffing Managers knew that this search would be a challenge.  They also knew that the expectations of the organization’s professional staff, who work in such fields as: financial, human resources, project management, media, grant writing, and contract negotiations and acquisition, were high. The right combination was needed. A degree in Computer Information Systems and Management Science was preferred, however, other important skills and abilities were also given a significant weighting. The entry-level IT Specialist that our client was seeking must also bring to the interview the following:

  1. Bilingual: Spanish/English speaking and writing
  2. Interpersonal skills: Patient and sympathetic in order to help people who are frustrated with the software or hardware used.
  3. Listening skills:  Ability to understand the problem being described; know when to ask questions to clarify.
  4. Problem-solving skills:  Ability to identify both simple and complex computer problems, analyze issues and provide proper solution.
  5. Speaking skills:  Ability to describe the solution to a computer problem in a way that a non-technical person is able to understand.
  6. Writing skills:  Ability to prepare clear and concise written instructions and email responses for employees and customers.

Dagiadi’s Story – Pursuit of the American Dream – A Contemporary Example

After several weeks of searching, J. Kent Staffing Manager’s identified Dagiadi, a Mexican national who moved to the U.S. 9 years ago to attend university.  Dagiadi’s story is a contemporary example of pursuing the American Dream, the idea of which is strongly rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence, and our national ethos that the opportunity for prosperity and success is achieved through hard work.

No Salsa Dancing in Iowa

The opportunity to go to university in the United States landed the adventuresome Dagiadi in Iowa.  Unfortunately, the passionate, newly minted university student who had cultivated competitive salsa dancing skills in Mexico, found no outlet for his passion in Iowa.  He naturally assumed that everyone danced the salsa.  Unfortunately for Dagiadi, it was not so.  With more friends and family in Denver, and confirmed salsa dancing opportunities in our great city, Dagiadi moved to the “Mile High City” and entered Metropolitan State College.

The American Dream – Work 40 Hours a Week, Attend College, Dance and Get a BS Degree

The pursuit of the American Dream required Dagiadi to work full-time while attending school.  For seven years, Dagiadi worked 40 hours a week as a Server, Team Lead, and finally Opening Manager for a national pancake chain in Denver, Colorado.  Ambitious, hard-working and eager, Dagiadi completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and Management Science; graduating in the fall of 2011.  While working and attending Metropolitan State College, Dagiadi continued to nurture his salsa passion by competing locally, and all around the county in national dance competitions.

The picture in Dagiadi’s Placement Story shows him competing in a salsa dancing competition at the Latin World Cup.

Congratulations Dagiadi!

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