Denver Staffing Agency - The Making of a Successful Technical Recruiter

Denver Staffing Agency - The Making of a Successful Technical Recruiter


Technical Recruiter - Information Technology

Denver Recruiters and Staffing Managers practice the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a specific job. Recruiters work across many industries and sectors in our economy. However, when it comes to finding qualified and experienced IT professionals the need for a specialized recruiter, known as a Technical Recruiter, may be required.

Technical Recruiter Inherent to Success of Information Technology Organizations

In our most recent blog of Nov 17, 2012, Technical Recruiter Inherent to Success of Information Technology Organizations, we addressed the uncomfortable truth that our tech companies just can’t find the workers they need, even during these times of high unemployment. Why? Our colleges and universities are not producing enough of these types of technical professionals.

Another Shortage, the Denver Technical Recruiter!

Denver employers competing in the IT space today are challenged to not only attract top IT talent but also attract top Technical Recruiters with strong sales, negotiation, and business savvy skills. Finding both talents will now be inherent to the success of these organizations.

Denver Information Technology Provider Needs Highly Educated, Technical and IT Talent

J. Kent Staffing’s client, a world-class business solutions provider in leading-edge technologies for more than 25 years was experiencing just such a shortage of qualified IT talent in the Denver candidate market. The organization provides systems outsourcing, and information systems professionals working on today’s large mission-critical applications to Fortune 500 clients. Experiencing significant growth from their Fortune 500 client base, it became evident that the existing corporate recruiting team needed an addition to staff. Bottom line, the organization needed highly educated, technical and IT talent along with a new Technical Recruiter in order for the firm to continue to meet its contract deliverables.

IT Firm Unsuccessful in Hiring Denver Technical Recruiter after Six-Month Search

After a six-month search for the elusive Technical Recruiter, our client engaged J. Kent Staffing to conduct a search for a highly skilled business professional with exceptional sales and negotiation skills, broad business knowledge, and recruiting experience. Although technical recruiting experience was preferred, the job requirements for the Technical Recruiter opened up to a broader candidate base in light of the unsuccessful search conducted by our client.

After several months of searching and recruiting, three J. Kent candidates made the final cut, and J. Kent Candidate Lianne, a Colorado native, was given the tip of the hat. Lianne, an energetic, driven, and versatile professional with extensive experience, and demonstrated success in higher education recruitment, enrollment, and retention was the right choice for the company. For Lianne, this outstanding new employment offer with exceptional growth opportunities, and an attractive compensation, incentive, and benefit package also was the right move

The Making of a Successful Technical Recruiter

J. Kent’s Staffing Manager knew that the drive, ambition, and work ethic she displayed in her interview, as well as through her references, confirmed that she had the making of a successful Technical Recruiter. Hard work and a rigorous work week far beyond the regular 40 hours does not deter Lianne, as a matter of fact, she thrives in this type of corporate environment. Highly motivated to reach personal, professional, and financial rewards, the opportunity presented by our Denver IT client was right on target and closely aligned with her own career objectives.

Here is an Overview of Lianne’s Background 

Congratulations Lianne!

On behalf of J. Kent Staffing and its recruiting team, we wish you the best in your professional career. With the expectation that there will be a continued shortage of qualified IT talent, your skills as a Technical Recruiter will be highly sought after by the many IT organizations providing mission critical applications to Fortune 500 companies.

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