Denver Temp Agency Hires Administrative Assistant for New Engineering Firm

Denver Temp Agency Hires Administrative Assistant for New Engineering Firm


Administrative Assistant, Forensic Engineering

Top Denver Staffing Agencies Provide Insight into Denver, Colorado’s Talent  Pool

When organizations expand, Denver staffing agencies know how to identify qualified, vetted and valued talent.  Particularly if your firm is opening a new Denver branch office due to growth and expansion, you need experienced staff that can on-board seamlessly with little down time.

Denver Temp Agency Hires Administrative Assistant for New Denver Forensic Engineering Office

Such was the case with our well established, 87 year old multi-faceted, forensic engineering client.  This highly respected, national company, a provider of global services in the fields of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical engineering, needed a top Administrative Assistant for their new Denver engineering office.  Productivity and efficiency were paramount, and yes, they needed seamless on-boarding with little down time and the ability to:

Denver Staffing Manager Hires Emory University Graduate & MBA Candidate for Temp-to-Hire Position

J. Kent’s Staffing Manager quickly recognized that Jovan was the right hire for this client.  Not only was she proficient in both MAC and PC environments, her tested MS Excel skills, always required and highly sought after in a technical environment, tested at 100%.  Jovan also presented with advanced MS Office proficiency and QuickBooks.   In reviewing the overall test results, Jovan’s Denver Staffing Manager readily recognized her ability to execute and that she was a top candidate for this Temp-to-Hire opportunity.

Jovan had honed her administrative skills in the past 5 years working for the Sr. Director of Human Resources and Chief Ministry Officer of a sizable Atlanta, Georgia non-profit.  References conducted by her J. Kent Staffing Manager from both executives supported Jovan’s sound business judgment, organizational and multi-tasking skills, and high efficiencies.  Rounding out the reference also confirmed that Jovan was highly motivated; a team player who could work independently, was able to prepare detail oriented presentations, and interact with professional and non- professional staff alike using her great people and communication skills.

Congratulations Jovan, We Look Forward to Following Your Career and MBA Candidacy!

Recognizing Jovan’s attention to detail and all of her other skills, our global forensic engineering client had no doubt that she could more than handle the job.  Jovan has been in her new Denver job for a month; the position is demanding, challenging and interesting.  Jovan is thrilled to be living in Denver with lots of sunshine, and being part of an exciting new Denver engineering operation that is growing and expanding during these difficult recessionary times.

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