Top Denver Accounting Agencies Seek Accounts Receivable Specialists

Top Denver Accounting Agencies Seek Accounts Receivable Specialists


Accounts Receivable Specialist - Large, Publicly Traded Entity

Top Denver accounting and finance staffing agencies as well as contingency recruiting and temporary contract firms alike are having a difficult time finding Accounts Receivable Specialists for their top Denver employer/clients. Specifically, the seasoned, qualified AR Specialist that brings to the table 5 – 10 years of high volume, AR experience with large or publicly traded firms. This is the talent that Denver recruiters are seeking.

Accounts Receivable Specialists AKA “Purple Squirrels”

Sometimes this elusive talent is known as “the purple squirrel” or the “needle in the haystack” but in large, or publicly traded organizations they are known as Senior Accounts Receivable Specialists or AR Supervisors. Furthermore, for the Denver, Colorado employer, the challenge lies across all staffing options to include temporary staffing, temp-to-hire staffing and Direct Hire or Contingency Search and Recruiting.

Denver Chief Accounting Officer Takes On Hiring Challenge for Accounts Receivable Specialist

A publicly traded restaurant client with a significant, national saturation had been back-logged for months as they continued to search for a full-time, Denver Accounts Receivable Specialist or AR Supervisor without results. Their Denver Human Resource Recruiters had conducted exhaustive searches for this “purple squirrel” but no job offer or hire was made. Furthermore, the vacancy created extra workload and stress for the large accounting department and their management team. Finally, the organization’s Denver Chief Accounting Officer/Controller landed on J. Kent’s website, reviewed our Featured Candidates in the Employers site and identified several AR Specialists that met his search criteria.

Temporary Staffing Option Used to Augment AR Specialist Position

Chief Accounting Officer and Shared Services Manager educated J. Kent’s Staffing Manager with respect to company history, culture and general workplace expectations. Additional time was also spent on describing their search efforts to date (challenges, results, frustrations), and the company’s hiring process to include a detailed job description discussion. Our client selected the temporary staffing option to fill the vacancy, and test performance for this critical accounting position.

J. Kent Hires Accounts Receivable Specialist with 10 Years’ Experience

Identifying, recruiting and selecting this AR Specialist talent, as was stated earlier, is not an easy job. “Purple Squirrels” are not abundant. J. Kent’s Recruiting team finally identified Marc with 15 years of accounting experience in accounts receivable, payable, reconciliation and financial reporting. Marc’s experience and “Prove It” testing also confirmed that he had extensive knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suite and was proficient in Oracle.

With previous experience in full-cycle A/R and heavy cash application managing 1,500+ payments weekly and, tracking $3 million in 3rd party billing, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager recognized that Marc understood the stress and productivity demands of this position. After successfully completing the J. Kent Process, the hire was made by the J. Kent Staffing Manager, and Marc became a J. Kent Employee.

J. Kent Temporary Accepts Denver Accounts Receivable Specialist Direct Hire Job

After several months as a J. Kent Employee, J. Kent’s Staffing Manager received a Direct Hire job offer for Marc.  The offer was made and accepted.

Marc, who grew up in North Dakota is thrilled to have a full-time job with such a highly respected, publicly traded company. Although the benefits and professional environment are exceptional, Marc, with his mid-west work ethic is mostly excited to be working again after having been laid off recently from Fortune 100 firm.

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