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Creating Job Postings That Attract The Right Candidates

Posted by: Karen Booher on December 12th, 2022

Are you not getting enough quality responses from your job postings? Yes, the candidate market is still at a lull so that could certainly be a factor. And now, with the holidays in full swing, many Job Seekers have taken a break from their job search until the first of the new year.

Now is a great time to spruce up your job postings! Try incorporating some of the following tips and strategies to get a positive boost in your qualified response rate.

Pay Close Attention To Your Job Title

It’s okay to use a different job title in your posting than what your actual job title is internally. Most people search by job title, so your job title has the greatest impact on whether candidates will click on your listing.

Get Creative in Your Job Description

Once you’ve “hooked” the job seeker with your job title, now is the time to get more creative. It may be easiest to copy and paste your job description into your job posting, but are a mere list of job duties and requirements going to set your company apart and help to “reel in” those top candidates?

Long lists of detailed job duties are not going to entice a candidate or market your position well. Consider summarizing the job in a Position Overview, with still enough details to give a good picture of what the position is all about.

Your job postings are a reflection of your company’s culture. More than ever before, job seekers are looking for a company that is a good cultural fit for them. Be sure to include some of the following:

Qualifications are Important – Specify if They are Required or Preferred

List all necessary certifications, experience, specific skills, and education – and specify required or preferred. It’s better to deter unqualified candidates than to write a job description so broad that everyone in the market for a job applies to it.

In Conclusion

Bottom line… if you can make some effective changes in your job postings to improve upon your company’s recruiting results, it would be a very worthwhile exercise. Here are some questions for those who are creating your company’s job postings:


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