12. Accepting Assignments


When you accept an Assignment, we have your guarantee and commitment that you will complete the Assignment. We are counting on you and so is our Client!

Pay Rate

Pay Rates cannot be guaranteed from Assignment to Assignment. Pay Rates are based on the Client’s requirements, qualifications, and the skill, responsibility, education, background, and experience level required for a given Assignment. Pay Rates are established in the absolute discretion of J. Kent.

The Pay Rate of each Assignment will be offered to you by your J. Kent Staffing Manager and must be accepted by you before you begin the Assignment.

4 Hour Daily Guarantee

You will be paid for a minimum of 4 hours for each day you work on an Assignment. You will not be paid this Guarantee if you leave the Assignment of your own accord or if the reason for working less than 4 hours is a power or equipment failure. In these cases, make certain that you document the time you arrived and left and the reason for leaving on your Online Timecard. The 4 Hour Daily Guarantee does not apply to a Client’s request for training time.

Terms Of Assignments

J. Kent has the right to change your Pay Rate, Work Hours, benefits, or any other terms or conditions of an Assignment or your J. Kent Employment at any time to meet the needs of a Client or of J. Kent.

Working Conditions

J. Kent assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of the Client, including but not limited to any alleged violation of any federal, state or local law or regulation relating to the Client’s premises, policies, practices, employees, or agents, working conditions or the termination of any Assignment that you may be offered or which you have received.

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