13. Client Relations

Questions About J. Kent Policies

You must not answer any questions that the Client may have about the policies or procedures of J. Kent or any other matter related to an Assignment or your J. Kent Employment. This includes your not discussing with the Client your Pay Rate or any other terms or conditions of your J. Kent Employment. Any questions or concerns you or the Client may have about the policies and procedures of J. Kent or their implementation must be referred to your J. Kent Staffing Manager.

Following Client Policies

You are expected to follow all Client policies while on an assignment including job responsibilities, breaks, smoking, dress code and any other policies that may apply to you while on the Assignment. You must request a copy of the Client’s policies and read and understand the Client’s policies at the beginning of an assignment.

Client Confidentiality

All information that you receive concerning a Client’s operations, employee information, or other information made available to you during an Assignment is considered confidential (“Confidential Information”) and must not be disclosed by you to any third party or used by you except as required for you to perform the responsibilities of the Assignment. Personal use of Confidential Information also is prohibited. If you have any questions about whether certain information is Confidential Information, you must ask your J. Kent Staffing Manager before taking any action that would be a violation of this policy.

Assigned Client Property

You must notify J. Kent whenever a Client provides you any of its property including security cards, keys, identification badge, equipment or any other item (“Client Property”). On your last day of an Assignment, you are required to return all Client Property to your Client Supervisor.

Theft, Misuse, or Neglect of Client Property

In the case of theft, misuse, or neglect of any Client property, you will be responsible for all costs and expenses including attorney fees (whether or not litigation is pursued) incurred by the Client or J. Kent in connection with the recovery or replacement of the missing Client Property (“Missing Property Costs”).

A police report will be filed and the Missing Property Costs will be deducted from your paycheck, as permitted by state law. If your net paycheck is insufficient to pay the Missing Property Costs, or if for any other reason the Missing Property Costs are not received from you (“Deficiencies”), you must immediately pay the Deficiencies to J. Kent upon receipt of written notice of the Deficiencies.


J. Kent Staffing's Employee Handbook

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