01. Definitions

As described in this Employee Handbook, and wherever used in connection with my J. Kent Employment or any Employment Opportunity offered by J. Kent, the following words will mean:


A Temporary Assignment, a Temp-to-Perm Assignment or a Temp-to-Hire Assignment for a Client.

Temporary Assignment

When you have accepted an offer to work for a Client for an indefinite period of time of less than one day or such greater period of time as determined by the Client. Temporary Assignments may have Full-Time, Regular Employment opportunities dependent upon the preference of the Client.

Temp-To-Perm Assignment

A Temporary Assignment you accepted and worked for a Client that thereafter the Client decides will be converted to a Full-Time, Regular Employment opportunity that you then also accept.

Temp-To-Hire Assignment

A Temporary Assignment  where you have accepted an offer to work for a Client for a specified number of hours or period of time as determined by the Client in order to provide the Client an opportunity to evaluate your qualifications and job performance in the Client’s work setting and determine, in its absolute discretion, whether the Client will hire you for Full-Time, Regular Employment. By your acceptance of a Temp-to-Hire Assignment, you are not assured that you will receive an offer of Full-Time, Regular Employment from the Client.

Payrolling Assignment

Temporary Assignment that the Client has, on its own, identified an individual to be hired by J. Kent for the given assignment. J. Kent will hire the identified individual as a J. Kent Employee for the Pay Rate and benefits if any, as specified by the Client.

Full-Time, Regular Employment

This refers to the acceptance by a J. Kent Employee of an offer to become an employee of a Client.

Assignment Eligibility

Assignment Eligibility is your eligibility to be considered for or to receive an assignment.

Employment Opportunity

An Employment Opportunity is a Temporary Assignment, a Temp-to-Hire Assignment or Full-Time, Regular Employment.

J. Kent

This refers to J. Kent Staffing.

J. Kent Employee

A J. Kent Employee is a person who completes the J. Kent Employment Application form, is on Assignment for a Client and maintains his/her Assignment Eligibility in the absolute discretion of J. Kent.

J. Kent Employment

This refers to the employment of a J. Kent Employee with J. Kent Staffing.

J. Kent Staffing Manager

This refers to the J. Kent management person responsible for your supervision with regard to Assignments including, but not limited to scheduling Assignments, approving time-off requests, answering questions you or Clients may have about Assignments and Full-Time, Regular Employment as well as other matters related to the overall management of the relationship of Clients and yourself with J. Kent.


Client means an individual or entity or any branches, departments or affiliates of any such individual or entity (collectively “Entity”) who J Kent, directly or indirectly, assists in identifying a person who accepts an Employment Opportunity with the Entity.

Client Supervisor

Client Supervisor means the person who is designated by the Client to be its authorized on-site agent responsible for your supervision during an Assignment which supervision will include but not be limited to verifying the accuracy of the timesheets completed by you, orienting you to the Assignment and explaining to you the duties and responsibilities of the Assignment.

Work Hours

Work Hours are the scheduled hours assigned to you by your J. Kent Staffing Manager for you to work for a Client.

Pay Rate
Pay Rate means the hourly rate of payment accepted by you as offered by your J. Kent Supervisor for an Assignment.

Start Date

Start Date at J. Kent means the date of the start of your first Assignment. Start Date is reset if you do not work for 16 consecutive weeks.


J. Kent Staffing's Employee Handbook

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