07. Drug Use Policy

Employees may not use, possess, distribute, or sell alcohol, marijuana, or any illegal drug while on J. Kent’s premises or while on an Assignment.

Drugs or Medication – Whether or Not Prescribed by a Physician

Prior to beginning Work Hours on an Assignment, employees must notify the J. Kent Staffing Manager if they are taking any drugs or medication, whether or not prescribed by a physician for a medical condition, that may impair their judgment, coordination, other senses, or their ability to safely or efficiently perform any of the responsibilities of their Assignment.

Reasonable Suspicion/Probable Cause

If J. Kent believes an employee is violating the drugs, marijuana and alcohol policy, J. Kent reserves the right to require an employee to submit to a blood, breath, urine or other medical tests by J. Kent. J. Kent may test an employee if there is reasonable suspicion, as evidenced by physical behaviors or unusual work patterns, that they may be impaired by drugs, marijuana, and alcohol at work or that drug, marijuana, or alcohol use is affecting job performance and/or conduct in the workplace. J. Kent may also randomly test employees from time to time. J. Kent will pay the cost of any Medical Test that J. Kent has required.


J. Kent Staffing's Employee Handbook

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