22. Legal Deductions


Based on your W-4, payroll tax withholding deductions will be made from your paycheck including social security, Medicare, as well as all other federal, state and city taxes which are required by law.

Other Deductions

All amounts owed to J. Kent for a violation of any of the policies or procedures of J. Kent or for violation of any other obligation you may have to J. Kent (“J. Kent Obligations”) will be deducted from the compensation owed to you by J. Kent as permitted by state law. If this is insufficient to pay the amounts owed to J. Kent or for any other reason the amount of the J. Kent Obligations is not received from you, you are required to immediately pay these amounts to J. Kent. If you fail to meet this obligation, J. Kent has the right to recover all costs and expenses including attorney’s fees for the amounts due whether or not such recovery involves litigation and regardless of the termination of your J. Kent Employment. Also deducted from your paycheck will be all amounts required to be deducted by federal or state law, such as garnishments and child support payments.


J. Kent Staffing's Employee Handbook

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