09. Mobile Device Policy


To advise all employees on the policy regarding the use of mobile communication and media devices while working on any assignment for J. Kent Staffing.


a.  Employees must NEVER interrupt or allow interruption of their work duties and responsibilities while on any J. Kent assignment during their scheduled work hours by:

b.  Employees will not be permitted to wear personal headphones/headsets, earbuds, Bluetooth-type or any communication devices while working on a J. Kent Staffing assignment unless prior authorization from your J. Kent Staffing Manager is received.

c.  Employees may use their personal communications devices and/or media devices during breaks or unpaid meal periods, as long as it does not impact work operations or the productivity of other employees.

Emergency Situations – Must Notify J. Kent’s Client Supervisor

Personal cell phone calls/personal text messaging must not be made or received during scheduled work hours, except in emergencies. If an emergency arises and an employee must make or receive a personal cell phone call or text message, the employee should notify J. Kent’s Client Supervisor of the emergency occurrence and must excuse him/herself from the work areas, make/receive a very brief call or text message, and return to duties and responsibilities immediately.

d.  Ringer volume on communications devices must be off or turned to vibrate while the employee is in the performance of his/her work duties and responsibilities. Mobile communication devices set to any sound or tone is disruptive to the work environment. If an employee works in an area posted for no cell phone use, the cell phone must be turned off. Volume levels of media devices used during break or meal periods must be kept low.


J. Kent employees are responsible for complying with this policy. It is also the employee’s responsibility to ensure that friends and family members are aware of the policy.


J. Kent Staffing's Employee Handbook

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