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No Job Opening, No Problem… Hiring the Best Without an Open Position

Posted by: Emma Berdanier on March 18th, 2019

Have you ever met with a great candidate, but didn’t have a current opening?

Hiring Top Candidates Without a Job Opening

In today’s continued tight candidate market, many companies are actively embracing a new strategy of stockpiling candidates. Hiring top candidates without a job opening are necessary to prevent a labor shortage. This approach generally applies to specialized or higher-skilled candidates in fields such as in information technology, social media, engineering, and accounting – where worker shortages have led to prolonged searches and lost revenue.

According to Jacob Zabkowicz, Global VP of Korn Ferry, about 10% of hires occur when there’s no specific job opening. 57% of corporate recruiters hired a candidate without a job opening. Although the extra payroll can hurt tight budgets, the cost is worth it. Managers are finding that it is better to be over-staffed in a good economy. Having the ability and capacity to grow as a company is vital. It’s also better than losing existing customers in a tight market.

Creating a Company Culture Where Employees Welcome New Talent

As always, communication is key. Otherwise, excess hiring could breed resentment with existing employees who may feel threatened. Employers who harness transparency with current staff and ask for their input will succeed in finding new roles. Learn what your employees’ needs are. A fresh job might hide in plain sight. Speak to what’s in it for them. If growth is the goal, that’s hard to accomplish with a lean staff who is already working overtime, unable to take lunch breaks, and is reluctant to ask for vacation time. In the end, great talent will embrace and welcome new employees who are eager and able to help the company achieve its goals.

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