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Hone Your Company’s Hiring Strategies for the Post-COVID Job Market

Posted by: Karen Booher on June 16th, 2020

As the nation slowly returns to normal – or at least the new version of normal – companies are looking to open up their hiring again. Roles they’d paused recruiting efforts for due to the crisis are opening back up. But the pandemic has greatly affected the job market, changing what tactics will work to make the right hire.

This is not to say that the old playbook should be thrown out. Instead, strategies that previously worked for employers should be updated to address the current climate.

The New Job Market

At the beginning of 2020, hiring managers were facing a talent shortage. Unemployment was at a record low and finding talented candidates that were the right fit was a challenge. The impact of COVID-19, however, has changed that. Over 36 million people are currently unemployed in the United States, a number that has been growing each week. Due to this, scales have tipped to the advantage of hiring managers.

Employers who are beginning to grow their staff again after a months-long hiring freeze will find a much larger pool of talented candidates who are eager for work. While this may seem like a good thing for hiring managers but, in reality, it could present different problems. Hiring too quickly could result in a bad fit or an over-staffed office.

Focus on Finding the Right Fit

With many talented candidates available and looking for work, it’s likely any jobs you advertise for will get a lot of responses. Many of these may be candidates with the right qualifications and experience for the role. But not all of them will be the right cultural fit for your organization.

Gauging cultural fit is harder than examining an employees’ qualifications. Those are listed out on paper; their personality, work style, and motivation aren’t. So, consider slowing down your hiring process, having more extensive interviews, and having candidates meet other members of the team. Hiring the wrong fit and having to replace them 6 months down the road is more expensive than taking the time needed to ensure you find the right person – in every regard.

Personalize the Hiring Process

To find the right fit, you need to get to know candidates on a deeper level than just their resume and experience. Early on in the process, ask candidates how they can benefit your company, why they think the role is right for them, and why they’re excited about working for your organization.

Inquiring about their work style, preferred management style, and experience integrating into past office cultures is another good step to take. Knowing these facts about a candidate can help you determine if they’re truly a good fit for your organization.

Establishing a more personalized approach, from the application to the interviews, will ensure your time and the candidate’s time isn’t wasted.

Remember to constantly reevaluate your hiring process and work to improve upon it. Solving problems before they arise will save you time and money.

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