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How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Resume

Posted by: Karen Booher on June 12th, 2020

We all know the importance of a first impression. Often, it’s what determines whether you’re invited into the office to meet in person after a phone interview. But these days first impressions are happening without your knowledge. No longer is the first impression made over the phone or in person. Instead, the employer makes this impression the first time that they google your name.

Internet searches come up with a wide range of information about you. Potential employers digest this information and it shapes their opinion of you. But it’s only the first few search results that come up that employers look at in-depth. And one of the results that always appears in the first three? Your LinkedIn profile. This profile is your living resume. It makes the necessary first impression to convince an employer to call you in for an interview.

So how do you build the perfect LinkedIn profile? You start by using all the tools LinkedIn has and remembering to stay professional in all your posts.

LinkedIn Basics – The Foundation of Your Living Resume

Experience and Education – The Framework

LinkedIn Extras – To Enhance Your Living Resume

Connections, Endorsements, and Recommendations

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you move on in the hiring process with a potential employer. It’s a living resume, that you should update as your career changes or as you gain new skills or education. As it’s on the internet, anyone can access it. This is both helpful and a detriment. It means you must look over your profile with care. Work to ensure everything is accurate, and don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar!


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