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J. Kent Staffing Connects with Older Adults Looking for Work

Posted by: Karen Booher on May 5th, 2024

On April 30th, we had the pleasure of participating in an “Older Adult Volunteer and Job Fair” at one of Denver’s largest residential communities for adults ages 55+. This was the first event of its kind at this community, and it attracted much more interest than anticipated by the event’s organizer, Cari, the Community Life Manager. As Cari stated before we left, “this will become a semi-annual or annual event”!

Karen Booher, President, and Kara Cooper, Vice President of Staffing & Recruiting, met with over 75 residents who expressed interest in continuing to work in some capacity. Most visitors to our booth were looking for part-time or temporary work because they were retired, had caregiver responsibilities for a parent or grandchild, or simply would just enjoy remaining active in the workforce and the community. With high inflation and extra expenses that quickly add up, earning additional money was also appealing!

Following are a few general categories of jobs that present a wide array of opportunities for those in this demographic interested in continuing to work:

Part-Time Jobs

In recent years, we have seen an uptick in part-time positions. Part-time positions are ideal for adults with children, grandchildren, or elderly parents to care for, and college students. Some individuals also prefer to work full-time but spread out between two or even three part-time jobs.

Temporary Staffing

At J. Kent, temporary staffing includes everything from short-term (1+ days) office coverage to extended leaves (maternity, medical, FAMLI, etc.). Special projects also may require extra manpower for a limited period. Other times, companies may want to test out the need for adding additional staff before committing to increasing their headcount.

Event & Conference Staffing

Denver’s older adults make great ambassadors for events and conferences! Registration, information desk, room monitoring, concierge, cashiering… In years past, we have hired many from this demographic for work related to various elections, and plan to continue that tradition in the upcoming General Election.

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