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J. Kent Staffing Earns 2022 Best of Staffing Awards from Both Clients and Talent

Posted by: Karen Booher on February 5th, 2022

For the 4th consecutive year, J. Kent Staffing is proud to announce that we have earned ClearlyRated’s 2022 Best of Staffing award for providing exceptional service, earning a Client Rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and a Talent Rating of 4.6!

“We started participating in this program four years ago as a way to measure satisfaction levels of both our corporate clients and job seekers”, says Karen Booher, President. “We know that many times you don’t get feedback unless you ask for it, so this was a great way for us to survey our Clients and Talent to show us what we are doing well and identify areas where we need to improve.”

Methodology of the Surveys – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

ClearlyRated uses NPS, a simple metric based on a survey question that asks clients and candidates how likely they are to recommend your firm to a friend or colleague on a numeric scale of 0 – 10; ten being extremely likely and zero being not likely at all.

The NPS score is calculated by subtracting the % of detractors from the % of promoters in the respondent set. For example, if 65% of respondents were Promoters, and 10% of respondents were Detractors, the NPS score would be 65% – 10% = 55%.

How Does J. Kent Staffing Compare to Other Companies in the Staffing Industry?

Global NPS standards across all industries categorize 50% NPS as “excellent” and 70% NPS as “world-class”. J. Kent Staffing is proud to announce their 2022 NPS scores of 79.2% (from Clients) and 71% (from Talent).

Current NPS benchmarks for staffing industry companies are 29% (client ratings) and 18% (placed talent ratings). “Clearly, there is work to do in our industry as a whole to improve both company and job seeker experiences using staffing firms”, says Booher. “We will continue to set a high bar for ourselves and strive to be a valued partner to our Denver-area clients and candidates in the years ahead.”

NPS Ratings for Well-Known Companies Outside of Staffing

Check out J. Kent Staffing’s Google rating of 4.7, with 346 total reviews!

The J. Kent Staffing Team, pictured from left to right – Geena, Kara, Barb, Karen, and Lauren


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