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J. Kent Staffing Hiring Election Workers for 2020 Presidential Election – Get Involved Now!

Posted by: Karen Booher on October 5th, 2020

Are you looking for a chance to get involved with this years’ election? J. Kent Staffing is actively hiring 40 paid Election Registration Judges to work on Monday, 11/2/2020 & Tuesday, 11/3/2020!

We are just weeks away from the highly anticipated 2020 election and just as it is important to vote in the election, there is a huge need for support staff to monitor the voting center sites and assist voters throughout the process.

Already Have a Job but Still Want to Help? Talk with Your Employer Now!

If you already have a job where you are normally scheduled to work on both 11/2/2020 and 11/3/2020, many Colorado employers will support your interest in working the Presidential Election by allowing you to take Paid Time Off. Some employers consider Election Day a paid holiday or may encourage your support by paying you without you having to use your PTO. Many employers also have Volunteer Days as a part of their benefits package, so you may be able to easily put this benefit into action during this upcoming election!

Every company’s policies are different, so we encourage you to talk with your employer as soon as possible to see what your options are.

What is an Election Registration Judge?

On denvergov.org, an Election Registration Judge is defined as, “an important role in ensuring Denver’s elections are safe, secure and accurate. They perform a wide variety of tasks that include assisting voters, verifying information, and processing ballots.” Although this is an important position, previous experience is not required. Here are the basic requirements and qualifications to become an Election Registration Judge:

Job Responsibilities:


What are the Time Requirements and What does it Pay?

You would be assigned to work at a voting center in the City & County of Denver, and you must be able to work the following full shifts (shortened work days are not an option):

8 hours of training will also be required leading up to election week. 4 hours is remote online training; 4 hours is in-person simulation training. Training hours worked are paid at $12.85/hour (Denver’s minimum wage).

Student Workers (Upperclassmen) are Encouraged to Apply!

Do you know any High School Upperclassmen who have expressed interest in this years’ election? Great news – J. Kent Staffing can hire High School Juniors or Seniors who are 16 years of age or older! All students must receive prior school counselor permission, and with the exception of being registered to vote, student Election Registration Judges’s must meet all above qualifications.

Denvergov.org says, “Student election judges get paid for their time and effort while gaining valuable knowledge and insight on the electoral process.”

Interested in Working the Election? Contact J. Kent Staffing at 303-777-7734!