Auditor Job Description

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: Audit Manager, Internal Audit Manager, Internal Auditor, Auditor-in-Charge, Assurance Manager, Audit Manager, Internal Audit Director, Assurance Senior, Audit Partner, Deputy for Audit, Financial Auditor, Audit Staff Accountant / Associate

The Auditor, under general direction, plans, directs and supervises the work of the Internal Audit Division or audit team, usually in a deadline oriented environment.   Excellent communication and people skills are required in today’s fast paced, competitive organizations as the Audit Manager must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with departments, staff, federal, state and local representatives and the public. Audit Managers analyze complex problems to develop corrective action alternatives.  These positions are usually found in larger organizations.

Education, Experience, & Certifications

Typical Duties May Include: