Controller Staffing Denver

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: Treasurer, Business Manager, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), School Treasurer, Comptroller, Finance Vice President, Business Administrator, Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO)

Controllers are financial managers and leaders with sound judgment and critical thinking abilities. They bring the ability to identify complex problems and review related information in order to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Controllers direct financial activities, such as planning, procurement, and investments for all or part of an organization. Strong business experience and exposure is generally required as well as solid written and verbal communications and people skills as they work closely with their staff or directly with the organizations’ executive management team.  The position title and responsibilities will very depend upon the size of the organization, industry and whether the company hiring is a publicly traded or private held organization.

Education, Experience, & Certifications

Controllers are strong financial managers and leaders, and generally bring the following requirements to the position:

Typical Duties May Include: