Customer Service Lead

Customer Service Lead

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: Customer Service Supervisor

The Customer Service Lead plays a key role in the management of the customer service department.  Duties of the Customer Service Lead can vary from one organization to another, but supervisors are often responsible for the smooth running of the customer service operation. They may be responsible for the supervision of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) or the entire customer service team.

The Customer Service Lead could be expected to assist in the establishment of a customer care policies and procedures. Being close to the customer, team members and management can give the position a unique viewpoint from which the company can benefit when setting up customer focused systems.

Supervisors are sometimes responsible for staffing levels and may be involved in the recruiting and interviewing of customer service team members. They will be involved in the training, coaching and ongoing development of the team.  The role plays a key part in coordinating with other departments to resolve issues.

Excellent communication skills are required as well as the necessary range of soft skills. Additional qualities needed include: approachability, personal skills, team-working ability, adaptability, excellent communication skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure.