Data Analyst

Data Analyst Job Description

Job Overview

As a Data Analyst, your main responsibility is to translate data into plain English and use it to help companies make better business decisions. Data Analysts often will play a key task in all data projects and work alongside experienced Data Scientists on data collection, statistical analysis, pattern recognition and communication.

What are the Data Analyst Responsibilities?

As a Data Analyst in a company, you’ll be responsible for data collection, organization and analysis. You will be the master of digging into various data sources and finding the “why” behind the data.  You’ll be tasked with answering data-related questions in the form of charts, graphs and tables that can be presented to the company.

Data collection from literally hundreds of different sources forms a major part of a data analyst’s daily work. The analyst must then use his or her initiative to interpret the raw data and identify any patterns in it, interpretations which might be included in a presentation or report.

To begin analyzing data, data analysts must be able to render it visible. Compiling Excel spreadsheets and using Visual Basic for Applications will constitute another routine part of the work, as will coding and re-coding data contained within various databases to identify patterns.

Writing clear reports for various members of a company at different levels of seniority is a core part of a data analyst’s routine work, in which the findings of the data analysis must be presented in an accessible and unambiguous way, often with the use of graphic features such as graphs. Taking part in meetings and presentations to convey the findings is also a regular feature of data analyst jobs.

Source: Jobbatical