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Alternate Titles: External Reporting Manager; Manager, Financial Reporting Compliance; Corporate Reporting Manager

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 effectively created a new high-level position, the Financial Reporting Manager, who is charged with preparing financial reports and overseeing the internal controls ensuring the integrity of data being reported.

The objective of Sarbanes-Oxley, the most comprehensive revision to federal securities regulations since the 1930s, was to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of financial reports such as 10-K annual reports, 10-K quarterly reports, proxy statements, and other financial reports issued by public companies. Sarbanes-Oxley is named after its main architects, Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley. The law has 11 sections, but section 404 is probably the most significant with respect to compliance. Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 says public companies have to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls to ensure that financial reports present an accurate picture of the company’s financial health and do not present any misleading or intentionally false information. Furthermore, the external auditor must certify the effectiveness of these controls once a year, usually when the auditor reviews the company’s financial statements.

The Financial Reporting Manager is responsible for financial statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, senior management, the audit committee, and the company’s board of directors. The Finance Reporting Manager oversees compliance with financial disclosure regulations issued by the SEC, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board the regulatory board created to oversee Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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