Household Manager

Household Manager

Job Overview

Alternate Titles: HM, House Manager, Butler, Butler Administrator, Major Domo, Manservant, Staff Manager, Chief of Staff, Staff Captain, Estate Manager, Head of Household Staff, Houseman, Private Service Manager

A Household Manager’s sophistication, professionalism and experience requirements will be driven by a more complex (formal or high profile) residence, and the standards of service requested by the Principals. 

Household Managers may perform some of the same duties as the Estate Manager but take care of the daily details of managing usually one private residence with a smaller staff, if any, and fewer vendors or contractors. In very large estates, the Household Manager reports to the Estate Manager. Because this is such a general job title, the actual duties will vary from household to household and the sophistication and service requirements of the Principal. When taken to a greater range of responsibility, the title Household Manager gives way to the Estate Manager who has all the same skills and more.

By virtue of their training and experience, more sophisticated Household Managers can draw upon a broader range of talents and skills to save employer time and money. Taking care of the daily details can mean that the Household Manager is doing some cooking, cleaning, driving and other domestic tasks. The successful employee will often be efficient, skillful and quick, which will usually make the employer happy by anticipating employer needs, being able to think the way the employer thinks, understanding pro-active property management, event planning, security, and luxury items.  It is understood that there is always some hands on involvement, and this level of Household Manager will know all the domestic tasks in order to properly supervise, train and fill in in event of an absence, if necessary.

The top Household Mangers in the “private services” industry are some of the most well rounded, thoughtful, independent and resourceful workers that can be found anywhere.  The unique combination required to succeed in this position is rarely found in other professions.

The 21st Century Household Manager will have a Bachelor’s degree and or post-secondary education; many may possess an MBA or even might have a degree in Real Estate Construction Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Real Estate/Property Management and hold a Household Manager certification.  Top Household Managers have many years of previous experience in private services and is responsible for managing and protecting the Principal’s and family’s extensive assets, their privacy, and security.